I'm testing the final preview 2 of Windows QGIS and I see some 

I can't see the table associated to the GRASS vectors but I see that Radim 
solved this problem with a patch in the new GRASS  (see 
https://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/448). Compile QGIS with the latest GRASS 

The problem of the low resolution for the mapcomposer seems solved when I put 
a map in the canvas but if I put legend, scale bar or text or if I zoom on 
the canvas of the mapcomposer I have the same problem and the resolution of 
the elements is very low.

The measures of area and length are incorrect. A message say to me that the 
map is definited with a lat-long projecton (but if I see the general property 
I see a Mercatore proj)

I'll make other tests in this days but I think that this functions are very 
important, I know that I ask you a bad work but do you think if is possible 
to resolve this bugs?

Congratulation for your work!


Leonardo Lami
email + jabber: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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