nice to see that the tool is used. I found that you can  type
anything as constant (Add constant value) but that is just another
bug because there should be QDoubleValidator set on that input
so I cannot reccomend to use this because that may not work in future
(including saved formulas).

I would like to avoid the possibility to type anything in map input control
because it is not robust enough - user can type wrong map name and
r.mapcalc fails. GRASS Tools should not let a user to run a module
with parameters which can fail.

IMO we can add onother control beside map combo box for cell selection
(default 0,0). If you are interested in this feature, please fill a new ticket
(enhancement, 0.9).

BTW, do you realy need to work with individual cells or do you need
just a sum/avg/... from cells in neighbourhood?


On 12/26/06, Lubos Balazovic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
in QGIS Preview2 (WINDOWS) there was a bug [1] in GRASS map calculator which
preserves user to choose layer from list so user had to type name of the
layer manually. Recently I've find out that this is nice feature which
allows to type for example "layername[10,10]" which is interpreted by
mapcalc as reference for neighbourhood of each processed cell in raster. Now
the bug is fixed and nice feature is over. The question is: Is there
currently another way in GRASS raster map calculator which allows to use
referencies for cells neighbourhood? Is it possible to change static list of
GRASS raster layers to be writeable?


[1] http://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/318

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