Dňa Ut 2. Január 2007 12:32 ste napísali:
> nice to see that the tool is used. I found that you can  type
> anything as constant (Add constant value) but that is just another
> bug because there should be QDoubleValidator set on that input
> so I cannot reccomend to use this because that may not work in future
> (including saved formulas).

Thanx for tip. For now (till 0.9) it's good enough workaround solution.

> IMO we can add onother control beside map combo box for cell selection
> (default 0,0). If you are interested in this feature, please fill a new
> ticket (enhancement, 0.9).

Is it would be very useful. I've filed this feature as ticket #508

> BTW, do you realy need to work with individual cells or do you need
> just a sum/avg/... from cells in neighbourhood?

I personaly use only some simple average from cells in neighbourhood but 
collegue tried to do some analysis which needs for computation also cells 
behind those 8 around.


> Radim
> On 12/26/06, Lubos Balazovic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > in QGIS Preview2 (WINDOWS) there was a bug [1] in GRASS map calculator
> > which preserves user to choose layer from list so user had to type name
> > of the layer manually. Recently I've find out that this is nice feature
> > which allows to type for example "layername[10,10]" which is interpreted
> > by mapcalc as reference for neighbourhood of each processed cell in
> > raster. Now the bug is fixed and nice feature is over. The question is:
> > Is there currently another way in GRASS raster map calculator which
> > allows to use referencies for cells neighbourhood? Is it possible to
> > change static list of GRASS raster layers to be writeable?
> >
> > Lubos
> >
> > [1] http://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/318
> >
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