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Hi Tim,
I tested the last version and I make a little report.

1) thanks to Alessandro Sarretta we discovered that the visualization crash
bug is due to a problem in proj.dll
2) the georeferencer tool does not work. After that you inserted the control
points, if you click on "create the world file and load layer" buttom, you
have no error messages but you can't see the raster on the canvas. If you
zoom to the raster you not see the layer but you see coordinates values and
width of scale bar with very big and nosense numbers.
Maybe the problem is link to proj.dll?
3) The measuring tool does not work, when you click on the buttom you have a
message about projection system, you follow the instruction but when you make
the mesaure you have nosense values with value indipendent from the segment
length (see ticket 449)
4) The resolution of points, elements of scale bar and legend are very low in
the mapcomposer (see ticket 279)

Probably just a little work is necessary

Hehe - I've learned by now there is no such thing as 'just a little
work' when it comes to software....lets hope you are right though. I
will try to address these issues in a 0.8.1 follow up release.

The other bugs are fixed!


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