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I have read with a great interest your discusion about ECW licence.

It doesn't seems  very simple...


The ability of QGis (windows binaries) to read ECW is also a fundamental point 
for us if we want to adopt QGIS.

Several opensource project (gvSIG, Mapserver, FWTools, ...) based of course 
upon GDAL raster access, are already able to read ECW, but not QGIS.


The link produced by Yves Jacobin seems to break the seals on GPL software :





*       Free use license: A free license, providing unlimited 
read/500MB-per-image  compression for ECW and JPEG 2000 in any application 
including commercial applications. 
*       GPL-style license: A free license, providing unlimited read/unlimited 
compression  for ECW and JPEG 2000 in any GPL style application. 
*       Commercial license: Once off fee license with no royalties for 
commercial  applications needing unlimited compression for ECW and JPEG 2000. 

Unless you need to support compression of images larger than 500MB in 
commercial applications, one of the two free licenses should address your needs.

Release Date: Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Does it means we can expect a windows compiled distribution of QGIS that will 
read ECW ?

Or is there still a problem ?


Many Thanks !




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