--- Kirk Wythers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me why when I select "add postgis table" several  
> columns appear as options even though I have dropped those columns  
> and they no longer exist in postgis?

Hey Kirk,

How's it goin'?

This is my guess :-)

When you create a geometry column in PostGIS it writes an entry in the
geometry_columns table. Using Postgres SQL "drop table..." does not remove this
entry. QGIS reads this table (as well as other complicated system tables to
identify views, etc) to generate the list of spatial tables, hence the droped
tables in the list. 

Section 6.1.1 of the PostGIS docs describes the function:

DropGeometryColumn(varchar, varchar, varchar)

Which is a PostGIS function to remove the table AND remove the geometry_columns
record for that table. This is the recommended way to remove a Postgres table
with a PostGIS geometry column.

So if you delete the records in the geometry_columns table for the tables you
have dropped, they should no longer be in the QGIS list.


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