in the last mail i wrote that qgis-grass plugin not recognize the nviz module...
i set-up qgis and my my gisbase as explained in the instructionns : sim link to /.app/contents/resource/ etc... in this mode i can open grass plug-in directly in qgis without open grass.

but it not recognize nviz module, and others extra mudules that i wrote (not all, just any, like : r3.out.nviz)

this is the message from qgis-log dialog:


the strange is that: if i run qgis inside the grass shell :

GRASS 6.3.cvs (spearfish60):~ > /Applications/qgis-0.8.0/qgis.app/ Contents/MacOS/qgis
Debug: setting mask for mac

this module (nviz, r3.out.vis5d, ... ) in this case works fine

an other strange thinghs is that when i run qgis inside grass
i've that the qgis main window haven't the classical osx aspect (the 3 colour circle on the upper left corner)
this 3 buttons appear only if i pass on it with a mouse...

thanks to all developpers !

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