Has anyone successfully been able to read S57 ENC data? All the
functionality seems to be built into QGIS through GDAL/OGR and the
support csv files are in the bin. Trying to open an ENC file results in
a layer and a table (unpopulated). So nothing is getting past the first
action. I suspect that the reason is that S57 object classes correspond
to layers so reading a file would be trying to add a layer for each
object class. This probably requires some tweaking but I am not familiar
enough with QGIS at this point to dive in.
The display of S57 data is, of course, meaningless without using the
symbology of the presentation library (IHO S52). Sylvain Duclos did
extensive developmental work on an S57 display interpreter for OpenEV.
It is in the OpenEV cvs under /contrib. I would like to use this work as
a base for a QGIS plug-in to display S57 ENCs. However, the first issue
is to get, at least something showing up and the layers being added to
the canvas. Any suggestions?

John Craddock
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