I've got a quick question for the list. I am trying (once again) to add a postgis layer to qgis as map of "points". I have created a view that contains data from three different tables. The view contains a geometry column and two additional columns from a table that together make up a primary key (and are therefor unique).

However, qgis will not add the view as a postgis layer. Qgis gives the error message: The view 'public.climate_daily' has no column suitable for use as a unique key.

Is Qgis trying to tell me that the veiw MUST contain a single column that severs a primary key, and that the two column primary key will not satisfy this requirement?

The index form the table that contains the PK is:

"weather_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (station_id, date)

While the view definition is:

SELECT weather.station_id, sites.thepoint_meter, sites.longname, weather.date, weather."year", weather."month", weather."day", weather.doy, weather.tmin, weather.tmax, solar.rad, weather.precip
   FROM sites, weather, solar
WHERE sites.station_id = weather.station_id AND sites.station_id = solar.station_id AND weather.date = solar.date;
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