Hi Tim,

I have already tried all of those options.  I'll file a bug report
about it.  If only there was a reliable, easy way to purge a program
from a Mac as you can in Debian.


On 1/19/07, Tim Sutton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Nick

I've never encountered this but I suspect you are right and the window
is being restored to the no longer existing position when you reopen
the application. So you could delete or edit the qgis settings file
which off the top of my head is under /Users/Library/ in the
applications settings dir (cant rememebr the exact directory name).
Make sure to do it while QGIS is closed. The next time you reopen
QGIS, it should default to opening on the primary screen.

Feel free to file a bug at https://svn.qgis.org/trac and perhaps Tom
can think of a more elegant solution.

I also vaguely recall there was an option somewhere in the mac display
settings to bring all windows onto the current position but I could be



On 1/13/07, Nick Black <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> This could be a more OSX related issue than a QGIS  one...   I've been using
> QGIS 0.8.0 Mac OSX and Ubuntu releases since they were released, mainly for
> viewing shapefile and TAB files.  Yesterday I tried to load up QGIS on my
> Mac Book.  It loads up until it gets to the splash screen - after that the
> icon appears in the doc and on the menu bar at the top of the desktop.  I
> can use the menu, but cant actually see the QGIS window.  If I use expose
> (the OSX feature that shows you all the open windows you have) - I can see
> QGIS with whatever data I have loaded, but when I click on it to bring it to
> the front, it slides back off to to the left of my screen.  I have tried:
> 1) Turning off virtual desktops
> 2) Checking system preferences to see if OSX thinks there is another monitor
> attached
> 3) Reinstalling the QGIS dmg
> 4) Greping Library for qgis to try and find and remove any config files
> None of these steps have helped.  I am guessing that the problem has been
> caused by me using QGIS with a second monitor attached to my MacBook.  Is
> this feasible?  Has anyone else had these problems?
> Thanks,
> Nick
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