Miha Staut wrote:

> Dear all,
> Recently I tried to build on a Fedora Core 6 the current release of qgis
> (qgis-0.8.0). I stumbled into a problem with qt4 (version 4.2.2) library. It 
> is
> installed with yum so everything should be in its default position. How should
> I set the variable --with-qtdir= if my qglobal.h resides in /usr/include/Qt. 

Once did I try installing Qt in system hierarchy (FHS-compliant), but
it caused so much trouble when trying to compile Qt-dependant programs
that I retreated and now I always keep it in /opt/qt and /opt/qt4.
Works fine. I recommend that you compile Qt by hand or use packages
that install it in /opt.

I hope that helps,
Przemysław Bojczuk
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