Tim Sutton wrote:
Hi Honza

I'm not sure why it works in the one build correctly and not the other
but Magnus Homann has been working on sorting out issues with the
measure tool in the trunk of the source code repository. I will try to
backport any fixes he has made into the upcoming 0.8.1 bugfix release
if Magnus has not already done so.

Hopefully Magnus' work will address the issues you mentioned.

I've tested on Win2K - finally! - and can't see any difference between windows and Linux.

I would need more info to find the problem, such as if projection is turned on or off, and the projections of the layer. If you have the files, that would be good too. You could add them to one of the bug reports.

Do you have the same version of proj4 library on both machines?

I'm going to say "worksforme" on the bugs, but I'm happy to re-open if any more info is supplied.

Tim, backporting to 0.8 is not that easy, as the way projections are handled has changed.

Magnus Homann
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