Gary, Tim, et al;

On the surface it seems hard to find a reason not to support a move to
OSGeo.  Gary lists many Pros for joining, but no Cons.  In my attempt to
remain objective, it would help to hear what some of the Cons might be
(for both users and developers)?

The fact that QGis relies heavily on the advanced analytical
capabilities inherent in Grass and that Grass is already a (along with
GDAl,  IMHO the two most critical) member(s) of OSGeo, it does seem a
logical course of action.  That alone is without consideration for many
of the additional benefits Tim describes.

Best regards,

Jack Varga

Gary Sherman wrote:
> At present, there is no desktop GIS application like QGIS in the
> OSGeo collection. GRASS is already part of OSGeo thus joining OSGeo
> seems to be a natural step.
> OSGeo offers increased visibility, promotion at conferences, access
> to legal advice, hosting of downloads and other project services, and
> management of sponsorships. Promotion at major conferences includes
> brochures and booth presence.

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