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Thank you to those who contributed to this short thread. I think Tim has
answered my original question quite satisfactorily.

Tim Sutton wrote:
>>The non commercial is indeed as Matt says because we used Qt
>>edition to build QGIS 0.7.4. QGIS 0.8 was built using Qt 4.x which is
truly open
>>source on Windows now and you should no longer see this message in our
>>recent version.

>>We have no plans to make a 'commercial' version of QGIS and the use of the
>>source Qt edition actually precludes this. In the future some of us hope
to offer
>>commercial services based around QGIS but these would be centered around
>>support and building custom (though still open source) additions to QGIS
to meet
>>specific needs. No matter which avenues we pursue the intent is to have
>>a free, non-commercial, open source GIS - its the main motivator behind
most of
>>those who contribute to the project.

>>I hope that clarifies things a bit and our apologies for the misconception
created by
>>the title bar message on the earlier version of QGIS for Windows. The
existance of
>>that title bar message was not removeable by us and we considered it
better to
>>have a windows version with that message than to have no windows edition
at all.

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