Hi Folks,

A company called TerragoTech  (http://www.terragotech.com/,
http://geopdf.blogspot.com/) is distributing plugins for something
they call GeoPDF.  I think this is a smashing great idea. We all know
by now how darned useful, and important, it has been to have
georeferencing embedded in image formats like geotiff and jpeg2000.
Wouldn't it make sense to extend this embedded location based knowing
to postscript and pdf? (and others? svg?)

It should be an open standard just like geotiff and jpeg2000, but how
on earth does something like this get started? (pun intended). OSGeo
is an obvious organisation to start with, but after having a look
around the wiki and so on and I'm not sure where/who to approach with
the idea and I'm suffering from mailing list overload. The proposals
page[1] doesn't have anything on formats. Anyone here involved with
OSGeo and care to forward the idea?

[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Main_Page#Proposals_and_Other_Working_Pages

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