i've downloaded today qgis 0.8 for windows and the datasets alaska and 
spearfish60 from the qgis-homepage.

on my laptop i have win xp (sp2) with a norton firewall. i've selected german 
from the qgis 0.8-windows-installer.

after installing qgis on my laptop i've loaded the alaska-data into qgis. 
displaying the data in qgis is ok. 

if i open the attribute-table, i'am able to see only japanese letters in the 
attribute tables.

look at: http://www.alectoria.at/dl/qgis_alaskadata.png

after this i've activated all plugins in the plugin-manager.

look at: http://www.alectoria.at/dl/qgis_plugins_activated.png

so i've loaded vector and raster data from the spearfish60-grass-data set in 
qgis. displaying this data in qgis is ok.
look at: http://www.alectoria.at/dl/qgis_grassdata.png

if i want to open the grass-toolbox, i can not choose the grass tool-box, 
although i've activated the grass-plugin.

look at : http://www.alectoria.at/dl/qgis_grass_toolbox_notavailable.png

greetings from austria and thanks in advance

p.s. qgis is great work :o)

helmut kudrnovsky
internet: www.alectoria.at
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