Dear users

As you may be aware we are working on getting QGIS 0.8.1 bug fix
release out the door.  I have put up a preview build for windows at:

This file will be removed again at the time of final release so please
do not make any permanent links to it. QGIS 0.8.1 will be the first of
probably several bugfix releases up until the time that QGIS 0.9 is
released. I would like to ask that your feedback about problems you
encounter is done only via the bug tracker since it is difficult to
keep track of issues when they are posted to the mailing list in an ad
hoc manner. More specifically if you encounter any new bugs please
file them against Version 0.8.1, Milestone 0.8.2 since we wont be
making any new changes to the 0.8.1 codebase (barring major show
stopper issues). The primary reason for making this preview available
is to get the installer tested and make sure everything is generally
working out the box. There are still two issues that I will try to
address before the final release of the windows installer:

- support for silent installs
- placing shortcuts into all user accounts

If you were generally able to install and use the preview release
without issue, that feedback will be most welcome on this list.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Tim Sutton

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