> Hi All,
>   used Qgis to show tourist info like a picture of the location, using 
>   ACTION setting.
>   Used Irfan view, but am not happy about this programme getting
>   mixedup with Qgis, as the user has to see this programme each time and 
>   shut it up each time, and it is also
>   1.  not appearing near the X,Y location
>   2. unable to hide Irfan Views menus etc..
>   Please suggest some other GPL programme for this Viewing,
>   If any body on this good list has used for this kind of purpose..
>   ThanQ in anticipation

Under Linux, I've used kuickshow, display & gwenview.

It's a bit trickier under Windows, but one option may be a lightweight web
browser? That should be able to render an image quickly & easily.

You might also find something suitable at:


I have worked on a commercial Image Database package to help implement similar
functionality in a java application, using UMN mapserver & mapscript which does
pretty well, and I think could easily do what you want, but it depends how much
of a ready made solution you want, vs being able to develop your application
from appropriate tools.


  Brent Wood
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