hi all,

I'm pretty new to GIS in general but the QGIS 0.8.0 (my nearly first GIS
software) I manged to install on Suse 10.0 (if somebody needs assistance I
could provide, that wasn't so straightforward, took me 2 days)...

Ok, so I have some of my GPS data (WP's etc), and Map Info vector layers.
Originally Mapinfo has several layers on top of each other, I have them in
one file to import at once into QGIS. Everything looks fine but... I cannot
enable editing for layers originating from MapInfo either Create spatial
indexing for the same layers:-(  GPS WPs are fine for that.... Should be
that possible or not?  Maybe with GRASS?  Grass I touched as well a bit as I
had some other layers coming as ArcInfo .e00 files with were quite nicely
imported via Grass


ps sorry when these questions have been risen already, I tried to search a
bit but didn't find 

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