I've just started looking at qgis and have a few questions.  On the home
page, the current release link points to version 0.7.4 but the downloads
page points to 0.8.0.  Is 0.8.0 considered a stable release?

While my preferred environment is ubuntu, I need to experiment with qgis
on windows for a clients project.  My understanding was that qgis relies
heavily on grass.  Can anyone give me a quick overview describing the
inter-relationship between qgis and grass (especially on windows; I was
under the impression that grass was not a goer on windows). To what
extend does qgis rely on grass for its functionality?

Is qgis a suitable base for customising gis applications?  I'm thinking
of being able to add menu items for things like predefined queries, data
entry etc.  Is it easy to do this from the user environment?  I'd like
to make it as easy as possible for non skilled users to produce standard
mapping reports or do regular data entry.

Tim Bowden

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