Per wrote:

Peter writes:

> > Arent you trying to make the OS do something it was never designed to
> > do? Writing drivers is a programming challenge. The OS is there to help
> > where it can, but no OS author can anticipate any and every piece of
> > hardware that is going to be attached to the machine in the future. That
> > the job of the driver. (Preferably without each driver author altering
> > OS to suit their own needs ;)
> Somehow I doubt that you need to teach me that writing drivers
> is a programming challenge or more trivialities and generalities
> about OS and driver structure ;)

I would not presume to teach you anything. I know that would be futile. I
was not debating detail with you - I know nothing of the detail. I was
discussing principle, and that I, and other well-meaning souls on this
list trying to help, happen to know a little about. The detail normally
follows from the priciple.

Please spare me from ridicule for voicing a legitimate point of
view. It does neither of us any favours, and tends to sour the atmosphere.

Calm down. If you publicly explain someone who has just constructed a car (and asks for help improving the transmission) what a car is, don't be surprised that he recognizes you weren't gonna help him with the transmission. He might have the impression that you were trying to spread a little doubt about his ability to build a good car.


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