a short roundup of issues I am messing with:

!!! WARNING !!! Kernel 2.4.18 (probably anything <2.4.21)
will eat filesystems on disks>137GB.

Newer kernels will not eat anything but only use max 137GB
on the Q40. The problem is well understood but not trivial
to fix in a way that preserves compatibility and is clean
enough to get accepted into mainstream. Actually, even
a quick and dirty fix is anything but easy.

Kernel 2.6 didnt boot last time I looked.. problem was probably
introduced around 2.5.99+, appears like an issue with the fragmented
Q40 memory map.  

rpm-4.2x works well with a patch ;)

glibc-2.3 works :)

plenty of updated user packages and libs

gcc issues:

 - libgcc_so in gcc3.3 is incompatible with previous versions
   due to a change (a real improvement actually ;) in m68k exception
   handling and version number wasnt bumped accordingly.. this makes
   system upgrades not practical for average user.

 - patches to improve 68060 performance available (longlong
   instructions are most affected)

 - ide-cd ICE problem may have been fixed in CVS according to
   but I didnt have a chance to test yet. For gcc-3.0 I use
   a dirty workaround that simply disables the failing sanity check

 - global register variables problem still survives every
   attempt to get fixed properly.

Current showstopper on the way to an updated distribution
is coreutils - sha1sum produces wrong results and I need
to figure out whether it is gcc or coreutils bug before

On an obscure sidetrack of development, I have a functional
but slightly buggy native ocaml compiler for m68k
(http://www.ocaml.org/).. needed a fast and reliable RAD
language to update the dated, slow and insecure cgi scripts  
in the Q40 distribution.


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