is somebody out there who owns two networked PCs, one with a 10 Mbit/sec ISA NE2000 (or clone) card, and could do a speed test using this PC as HTTP server?

With the Q60/QLwIP as server I currently get average 854 kBytes/sec HTTP throughput, measured with Ethereal, transferring a file larger than 10MB. It would be interesting how far from the optimal value this is still away.

My test setup:
Server: Q60/80, Realtek RTL8019AS ISA, QDOS Classic 3.25 Beta R, QLwIP
Client: Athlon 1.2 GHz, Realtek RTL8029AS PCI, RedHat Linux 9.0, Netscape browser

Unfortunately I have no second PC so I can only measure from PC to Q60 and vice versa.


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