Tony Firshman wrote:

>> >Unfortunately I have no second PC so I can only measure from PC to Q60 and
>> >vice versa.
>> I am sure I have such a card.
>> I will fit it in one of the nine PCs here tomorrow (5 run 24/7!) and
>> test. It may not be until the evening.
>Many thanks!
I did have an NE2000.
However I am haivng trouble under W98.
It is not pnp but W98 found and installed it with NE2000 compat driver.
It though did not show up on my switch.
I connected the 'default' jumper, and it now show the 10mbps conneciton
LED, which flashed reassuringly on startup.
It also show up as working under device mgr.
However it is not finding my network.

Any ideas?  I have played with a few IRQs.
Default was 3, and it is now:

I/O 0300-031F

All was fine with the existing pci card, which I removed.

Maybe selecting TCP/IP protocol under network bindings? However tinkering with your Windows settings looks like more trouble than this test is worth. I don't want you to waste too much precious time. Many thanks,


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