Hi Peter,

This effect, looks like the staircase effect on some older printers, it was
remedied by interchanging the carriage returns and linefeeds on the printer

I am not saying that this will solve the problem, but it could be that the
end of line control code is not correct for the QDOS screen driver. It
should be something like - CHR$(10);CHR$(13)


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Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 8:50 AM
Subject: [ql-developers] curses library

> Hi,
> when porting a new textbased webbrowser to QDOS, I have again run into
> problems with the C68 curses library. At many undefined points throughout
> the text, unwanted linefeeds are inserted. For instance:
> <The QL was one of Sir Clive Sinclair's home computers.>
> would typically look like
> <The Q
>       L was o
>              ne o
>                  f Sir Cl
>                          i
>                           ve Sinclair's ho
>                                           me computers.>
> The effect doesn't change in different cache modes or when using qdos-gcc.
> The library binary is original from the C68 distribution. Does anyone
> remember an effect like this?
> (I know there were some issues with the curses lib, but I thought they
> were gcc related, and I use C68.)
> All the best
> Peter

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