On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:33:13 +0200, Richard Zidlicky wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 12:46:48PM +0200, Thierry Godefroy wrote:
> .../...
> > I changed it for:
> > asm __volatile__ (".chip 68060; frestore %0" : : "m" (zero));
> > 
> > and everything seems to compile fine (resulting kernel still to be tested
> > though)... Of course, there should be a different .chip directive for each
> > processor type, I think (though frestore is perhaps assembled into the same
> > opcode for all variations of CPU/FPU... I didn't check it either). It would
> > be interesting to see what was in setup.c for Linux v2.4.23 (or 2.4.26),
> > but I cruelly lack time and I no more got the sources handy.
> > 
> > Nevertheless, it still sounds strange to me that "as" seems to ignore the
> > -m68060 option passed to gcc (or is gcc not passing that option to "as" ?),
> > as the '.chip 68060' should be implicit with -m68060 on...
> pretty strange, ".chip m68k" should reset to the value defined by "-m"
> or the default which would be 68020+fpu.
> Strange thing is that it did never trigger before.. there are thousands
> more .chip m68k directives in the sources and they always used to work
> fine.

Even weirder: by checking with ps the parameters passed by gcc to "as", I can
see that -m68040 of passed instead of -m68060, while gcc does receive the
-m68060 option !... This should not make any difference for the above problem
as the 68040 also got a FPU, but it shows that "as" recieves the wrong option
from gcc 3.1...

Thierry Godefroy.

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