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> Thierry Godefroy wrote:
> > If the shebang compiles properly, new pre-compiled Q60-Linux kernels should
> > be available "soon" (the poor 68060/66MHz is so slooooow when compared to a
> > 2GHz Athlon XP...) from my website.
> If you're interested in faster 68k machines with Linux, you might consider 
> to port the kernel to a MCF5475 (266 MHz, MMU, FPU). If you hurry a bit, 
> you can still be the first one who provides a decent Linux for that chip.

That chip would still be 10 times slower than modern processors... Motorola
screwed up the 68k while there could pefectly be 2GHz 68060s nowadays...

> BTW I could provide drivers for some of the peripherals (Ethernet, Serial, 
> etc.) that are on the MCF5475.
> Thanks a lot for the kernels, I shall try them after my holiday in 
> September.

They should be ready by then... :-P  In fact I'm running v2.4.27 on the Q60
right now and the kernel for the Q40 is being compiled (it will take the
night...). Then I'll have to do the Q60LC one, but I'll be absent from my
home tomorrow, so it will be for this week-end...

Thierry Godefroy.

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