I'm quite upset !...

I just discovered that my Q60 was fitted with a buggy 68060 !
Yes, a pre-1996 mask 060 (1G65V mask), while my Q60 was built
as bought in 2001 !!!... This makes me wonder how many among
the Q60s have that same buggy processor fitted...

I discovered this because Linux v2.4 got a recent fix for the
I14 errata of these buggy processor, and logs the activation
of the fix when the kernel boots. This fix consists in setting
the bit 5 in the PCR (Processor Control Register), which
disables one of the optimisations of the 060. But there are no
less than 21 bugs in the maskset of my 060 !!!... No wonder why
I get weird results each time I try to modify SMSQ/E and QLib_run
in order make them work properly in copyback mode (currently,
QLiberated programs hang/crash/loop randomly when copyback is

For the ones interested in the details about these bugs, they
will find the 68060 device errata document here:


I'm now in search for a bug-less and full blown 60MHz 68060
(0E41J mask ONLY)...

Is anyone, by any luck, selling one ?

Thierry Godefroy.

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