I had saved a HTML page from Hans-Peter Recktenwald about his T6 software
half a decade ago, it says:

"NUR nichtkommerzielle unentgeltliche Weitergabe und entsprechende
Verwendung erlaubt, alles darüber hinausgehende bedarf der ausdrücklichen
handschriftlichen Genehmigung.

Aufnahme von T6 oder M89 oder Teilen daraus in andere Erzeugnisse
impliziert, daß jene in wenigstens demselben Maße freigegeben sind,
unabhängig von ggf. dort anderslautenden Angaben.

Aufnahme von T6 oder M89 in Softwarearchive zwecks Weitergabe ist nur mit
Hinweis auf den Ursprung erlaubt. Grund: Ich will nicht für veraltete
Versionen verantwortlich gemacht werden."

This roughly translates to:

"ONLY non-commercial, free distribution and use allowed, everything beyond
that requires explicit handwritten approval.

Inclusion of T6 or M89 or parts thereof in other creations implies, that
they are released at least with the same degree of freedom, regardless of
possibly differing statements made there.

Inclusion of T6 or M89 in software archives for distribution is only
allowed if reference to the origin is provided. Reason: I don't want to be
held responsible for outdated versions."

There seem to be at least 4 variants of HPR's TK2 replacement:

T6M89 and T6M97 : System extensions following the TK2 (version 2.13)
example. Combined with extensions from the Turbo toolkit. Specialized for
Minerva 1.89 / 1.97. No support for NET and MDV, only tested under UQLX,
but according to HPR adaption for other systems possible.

T6M89v94 and T6M97v94 : Rewritten, extended to 32K code area (whatever
that means), specialized ONLY for UQLX.

I can not remember personal experiences with these variants. Also I can't
say wether they were written from scratch or upon a free (?) TK2 version.

If one has less demand for features, but wants working, free, open-source
software: There's a freeware BASIC toolkit from Mark Swift with many
TK2/TURBO like commands under:


All the best

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