Hello All,

As some of you may be aware, the Quanta committee is up for its annual 
re-election soon and nominations for committee posts need to reach me before 
the end of the month.

So far the tally is five nominations received.

Chairman - John Mason
Chairman - Geoff Wicks
Treasurer - John Gilpin
Secretary - Sarah Gilpin
Member - John Gregory

If anyone thinks that they have sent me another nomination by post or fax, I 
have not received it. Please contact me!
As things stand, there is just enough to make a quorum after the AGM, unless 
someone else volunteers, never mind the full eight positions that John Taylor 
suggests would be ideal.

Yes, you would come in for a little personal flak, but it is your chance to 
change things to how you want for a community that we all love and care 

Your Quanta needs you!
Positions available immediately in your area.
No need to delay.
The salary level is currently capped, but the benefits* (use of Quanta Yacht, 
Quanta Club house, Quanta Ski chalet, Quanta Tea Urn and Numbering Machine 
would also be available if we can find them!!) are all for the asking. Gosh, 
the benefits are boundless.

*Terms and conditions apply. Your sanity will be at risk.

John Southern
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