Hi Rich

I have QLynx in WIN1_ but executing it does not get me anywhere. I have 
in DOS1_ but it will not transfer to WIN1_

Can you guide me?


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>Subject: Re: [ql-users] QPC2 v3.30
>Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 19:32:06 -0000
>From: "Rich Mellor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 20:26:56 +0100, Marcel Kilgus  
>> After months of development and beta testing I'm proud to announce
>> that QPC2 version 3.30 officially went live. As usual the update is
>> free for all users of QPC2 version 3. Get it from
>> http://www.kilgus.net/qpc/
>> Main changes are a much faster emulation core and uQLx compatible
>> TCP/IP functionality. Furthermore there are some bug fixes and smaller
>> enhancements. It comes complete with SMSQ/E v3.09.
>Thanks Marcel - guess the biggest comment which is missing from this  
>announcement is the fact that the full IP support means that QPC2 can at
>last access the internet directly - just a shame Lynx is the only internet
>browser we have.
>Q40 / Q60 should not be far behind (but under QDOS Classic)
>I think that Qemulator already supports IP access, and can run Lynx - any
>uQLx (I have no experience of this).
>Rich Mellor
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