Dilwyn Jones writes:

 > Looking at a list of SBASIC extensions created with an EXTRAS
 > command,
 > there are 3 extensions I noticed that I don't know what they do. Not
 > in my (admittedly old) manual. Anyone know?
 > CHK_HEAP      (Some form of heap check suggested by the name)
 > HOME_CSET     (presumably something to do with Home Thing)
 > PAR_WAIT      (presumably something to do with parallel port)

HOME_CSET [job_ID], directory$

Part of SMSQ/E, documented in "extras_new_home_info_txt" in the SMSQ/E 
source files:

"Set the current directory for the job. The directory must the a valid 


Part of SMSQ/E, documented in "QPC_Keywords" and possibly elsewhere:

"This enables debugging routines in the SBASIC core for SBASIC 
development and should not be used by any users."

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