To celebrate the event, Radastan has launched two competitions:

1.- SuperBASIC programming

The classic contest programming anything "new" and interesting in
SuperBASIC (who operate in a standard QL without expanding). Who part of
the code is in assembler It is accepted.

2.- QL screens programed

Like "Screen Stars" section in QL World. Simple. A QL SuperBASIC program
showing an artistic screen.

Delivery time: January 9 of 2009

Organizer: Radastan (from Bytemaniacos' web)

Prizes: €50. (€25 for the winner of each competition)

Send your participation to Radastan's email: *kurdoman<at>gmail<dot>com*

See the rules and more info (yet in spanish):


Javier Guerra (badaman)
Sinclair QL spanish resources

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