On Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:11:41 +0200, Wolf wrote:

> Hi Thierry,
> If you are using KDE as your disp manager, you should get QPC working 
> under Wine with Linux.

No, KDE is way too much Windows-alike for my taste... I'm using a
lightweight (many Gnome components removed) Gnome desktop, but with
Sawfish as the window manager, and ROX-filer as the file manager
(neither of which have anything to do with the keyboard anyway).

> Type "kcontrol" in a terminal, go to regional settings and install the 
> (additional) french keyboard.
> Once this is installed, the french keyboard works perfectly in QPC.

Interesting... In fact, thanks to this hint, I finally found out how
to get QPC2 to work under Wine + Gnome.

Here is how:

- Open the Gnome keyboard preferences (gnome-keyboard-properties).
- In "Layout", add the USA keyboard as the *first" layout (this is *the*
- Make sure that "Separate layout for each window" is checked.
- Define your own keyboard layout as the "default" one (check the radio
  button in the "Default" column), so that all other applications will
  start with it and not with the USA layout (in my case, for ISO-8859-15
  fr_FR locale, it's french keyboard with latin-9 only keys).
- Close the Gnome keyboard preferences and start QPC2 with either the
  UK or US country code (i.e. 44 or 1).
- Use KBD_TABLE in the boot file or a specific Clavier's definition to
  match your actual keyboard layout.

- Wine+QPC2 seem to ignore completely the default Gnome keyboard layout
  and always use the first layout as defined by gnome-keyboard-properties.
- QPC2 does not allows to switch layouts while it is running (other
  Xwindow applications do, and Gnome provides configurable shortcuts
  for such a switching, such as both SHIFT or both ALT keys pressed
  together to switch).

> By the way, "Clavier" won't help, even though it does work, but it sees 
> the correct keyboard layout even if Wine then hands the wrong keys to QPC.

Indeed: when QPC2 is started with a non-US layout under Gnome, Clavier
fails to set properly the "_" character on any key (just an example: other
stuff fails as well) and the key to which "_" was assigned actually returns
"r" when typed... Go figure !

> Hope this helps

It did, thanks !  I was searching for lower level keyboard stuff (such
as xmodmaps), but your hint put me on the right track. :-)

> Wolfgang

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