Park schrieb:
Any chance you could offer the disk by itself? I'm sure many >>people
might want that who don't need the four magazines and >>expenses that go
with that?
>Mmmmh, I don't
think so. First of all I do not want to upset all >the people who already
paid - and who got a lot to read and play >with for little money...
>If people were not willing to spend less than what QPC2 on its own >cost,
then so be it.
I so much agree!   For so
many years I had been putting off getting QPC2 simply because Q-emuLator was
satisfying my every need!  I did
eventually start to use QPC2, but that was less than a year ago, with version
3.34.  I have now upgraded to this latest
version 4.00. 
To be totally honest, I can now say that all of my programs now work flawlessly
with QPC2!  There are no longer any fatal
errors.  There have been so many bug
fixes.  QPC version 4.00 just simply has
to be the very best version of the QL S*Basic language there ever is!  Let us 
consider some of the advantages that
QPC2 has to offer over QDOS ...
* Bug improvements:
QPC2 performs better the QDOS
* Qdos is limited to
25 lines.  I can now get up to 35 lines or
even more!
* colours : QPC2 can
produce eight colours even in mode 4!
* Speed: QPC2 is
astronomically fast: Only Turbo compiled programs are faster!
* QPC2 has a dos
device – you can explore your entire PC drive!
* QPC2 can call up PC
programs with the QPC_EXEC command
If, like me, you
have been delaying getting QPC2, then now is the time to get it.  If, like me, 
you are a Q-emuLator fan, then I
can only advise you to get QPC2 version 4.00, as well.  This simply has to be 
the very best QL software
available at the present time.
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