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8. It should not be restricted to the QL only, but at least be themed and
addressed as an all Sinclair event. Open for everyone, even for alien retro
computer systems (ATARI, COMMODORE, AMSTRAD, etc.).
Even at a Sinclair-only meeting, the QL would already be an almost
negligible minority. If the scope is widened to even more systems (with
even bigger user base), the QL completely moves out of focus.

I have attended retro meetings in the past - they are nice if one is
primarily interested in general computer history and chat, but I would not
travel to England for just that. For my taste, "QL is 30" requires a very
clear focus on the QL!

I would definitely prefer a dedicated QL event with an audience of only 10
or 20 persons, to a general retro meeting with 100 or more. The recent
German QL meeting has proved how busy and interesting a small event can

Maybe I'd drive 50 km for a general retro meeting, 300 km for an all
Sinclair meeting, but to motivate me for travelling to the UK, only the QL
will do ;-) Please consider this just my personal taste - if the majority
prefers a general event, it's fine.

I agree with Peter on this. We need to think small - quality not quantity. If a meeting of 10 people results in benefits for the whole QL community then it is a worthwhile event.

Small events are easier and cheaper to organise. You can use smaller and cheaper halls - workplaces, schools, church halls or - dare I say it - a scout hut. Catering can also be done cheaply and easily. Tea, coffee, biscuits plus soup and rolls.

For this reason I liked the idea of a possible Edinburgh event especially as Peter and other German users had expressed an interest. It would be the core of a good meeting.

I have already announced my intention not to renew my Quanta subscription in January. I would be happy to give the £20 saved as a contribution to the cost of a hall,

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