I think we should hold the event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas has many convention halls and are ideally set-up for hosting such
a popular and successful event. Las Vegas has also worked hard to build the
infrastructure required to feed the massing hordes. Furthermore, Vegas has
entertainment and services needed to properly support the QL community in
the manner to which it has become accustomed. Why Las Vegas, though? It's a
holiday destination. Once you accept that for most people, traveling
internationally to get to any location means taking a holiday or vacation,
you logically end up in a situation where it makes sense only if the
location is vacation-friendly.

Las Vegas is vacation-friendly!

Now, I can hear what you're saying... "Dave just suggested Las Vegas
because it's in Murica!" No, not so. It will require less travel for all
you Europeans than it would for me. For me it would be a 4,200 mile (6,760
km) round trip drive. But I'd do it. :)

Sorry, I can't go on any longer :)

Folks, I love and care for you all, but I want to bang your heads together.
It doesn't matter if the show is large or small, here or there. We can
barely even put on a show, so the fact one might happen at all is a
miracle. There have been at least three good offers to host a show, and one
clear request for movement and funding by Quanta, and yet nothing has
happened. It is now very VERY late in the day to hit the April/May target
for a show. Everyone feels let down and nobody feels responsible.

For my money, I think Rich's (RWAP's) offer to host a show was the most
sound, and represented the combination of good location, minimal cost, and
best exposure to other users to grow the community. However, watching us
squabbling like little girls must have been very off-putting for him. We
should be thankful if he even thinks it's worth serving this community any

We should all be ashamed.


On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 12:42 PM, Geoff Wicks <gtwi...@btinternet.com> wrote:

> On 03/12/2013 15:15, Peter wrote:
>> Urs Koenig (QL) wrote:
>>  [...]
>>> 8. It should not be restricted to the QL only, but at least be themed and
>>> addressed as an all Sinclair event. Open for everyone, even for alien
>>> retro
>>> computer systems (ATARI, COMMODORE, AMSTRAD, etc.).
>> Even at a Sinclair-only meeting, the QL would already be an almost
>> negligible minority. If the scope is widened to even more systems (with
>> even bigger user base), the QL completely moves out of focus.
>> I have attended retro meetings in the past - they are nice if one is
>> primarily interested in general computer history and chat, but I would not
>> travel to England for just that. For my taste, "QL is 30" requires a very
>> clear focus on the QL!
>> I would definitely prefer a dedicated QL event with an audience of only 10
>> or 20 persons, to a general retro meeting with 100 or more. The recent
>> German QL meeting has proved how busy and interesting a small event can
>> be.
>> Maybe I'd drive 50 km for a general retro meeting, 300 km for an all
>> Sinclair meeting, but to motivate me for travelling to the UK, only the QL
>> will do ;-) Please consider this just my personal taste - if the majority
>> prefers a general event, it's fine.
> I agree with Peter on this.  We need to think small - quality not
> quantity. If a meeting of 10 people results in benefits for the whole QL
> community then it is a worthwhile event.
> Small events are easier and cheaper to organise. You can use smaller and
> cheaper halls - workplaces, schools, church halls or - dare I say it - a
> scout hut. Catering can also be done cheaply and easily. Tea, coffee,
> biscuits plus soup and rolls.
> For this reason I liked the idea of a possible Edinburgh event especially
> as Peter and other German users had expressed an interest. It would be the
> core of a good meeting.
> I have already announced my intention not to renew my Quanta subscription
> in January. I would be happy to give the £20 saved as a contribution to the
> cost of a hall,
> Best Wishes,
> Geoff
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