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Derek Stewart wrote:
Why not have a QL Show in each country and we support each other...

Hi folks,

back on the QL retro track (after being busy with the JAGUAR for a while) I
would like to share my thoughts about a QL-is-30 event. I already had some
email back and forth with Rich last spring.

1. The QL (community) definitely deserves such an event.

2. Such an event should be hold in the home country of Sinclair and the QL,
in England.

3. It should be an international event, addressing visitors from all over
the world.

4. It should be held at an attractive place/city where beside the show
visitors (and their families) can enjoy other activities may it be
historical, cultural or just shopping/dining.


Just my two pennies...

QL forever!

Cheers, Urs

Think I could Sell my PM version QL for enough to make the event???

Paul Holmgren
These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the
hereafter . . . I go  somewhere to get something, and
then wonder what I'm  hereafter
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