thanks, Kenn, Lee, Ian. 

>From my side, QL-SD was purely a charity project. I'm not involved in any 
commercial aspects. So except from seeing that the work of Adrian and me 
is useful for a few QLers, it won't change much if I read this here.

If you like, maybe one of you can collect emails and the numbers of 
requested devices, so they can be handed to Paul Veltjens at some point. 
At best, a member of the German forum is on this list.

Gold Card and Super Gold Card are not recommended for QL-SD at the moment, 
so please only expect QL-SD for normal QLs.

The Gold Card issues might just be version related, and if some of the 
secret Gold Card specs can be found or re-engineered, we might be able to 
solve. For example my own Gold Card seems to work.

The Super Gold Card definitely drives the QL mainboard out of the TTL 
specification electrically. It is vague wether there will be a reliable 


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