The latest suggestion was that in terms of a meeting room, the event would
extend over one day, i.e. a Saturday.


Supposing the hours will be between 10am until 6pm, i.e. 8 hours, how will
the various topics suggested by Geoff relate to each other in terms of time,
and sound interference?


An outside interest  could be introduced in the form of a talk from a member
of Edinburgh University's Computing Department on general computer
developments, just to give the boffins of the QL world something to aim for,
also general interest.


Will the event be open to the public? If so, then a two day meeting could be
more appropriate with only one day open to the public. QL people would be
needed to deal with the public. SQLUG can provide at best only four members,
unless some coffin lids will be prised open.  


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