Evening Marcel,

Up until I added the DJToolkit entries, everything else was as Rich's original. 
 So the cease and desists should be pointed in his direction! ;-)

When I have time, unless anyone else does it first, I'll see if I can add in 
your other QPC commands and maybe the ones from Smsqemulator as recently 
updated by Wolfgang.

Lunch hours are few and far between right now a I have a huge migration of an 
Oracle system from Solaris to "the cloud" as my raisin d'etre  (!) At the 

I suppose I better do a "how to" just on the off chance that anyone is 
interested in updating the manual!

And I had noticed your links on QLForum too! I was glad to see good use being 
made of my hard work, but obviously huge thanks must be directed at Rich for 
the original work. I'm merely taking the glory for the work of others! 


On 3 November 2016 17:36:18 GMT+00:00, Marcel Kilgus <ql-us...@mail.kilgus.net> 
>Norman Dunbar wrote:
>> The Online SuperBASIC manual at:
>> http://superbasic-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
>Good work, Norman. In the short time it has been online, I've linked
>at least 3 times to it. Of course you all will hear from my lawyer
>with a cease and desist for describing all my CD_ command and then an
>anti-competitive complaint because the other QPC commands aren't
>included :-D
>No really, much appreciated. Reading the foreword I see that Rich
>already had put up a HTML version before, but that somehow didn't
>really register with me. So anyway, thanks to everyone involved.
>Cheers, Marcel
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