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On 2016-11-03 20:12, Norman Dunbar wrote:
Evening Marcel,

Up until I added the DJToolkit entries, everything else was as Rich's
original.  So the cease and desists should be pointed in his
direction! ;-)

When I have time, unless anyone else does it first, I'll see if I can
add in your other QPC commands and maybe the ones from Smsqemulator as
recently updated by Wolfgang.

Lunch hours are few and far between right now a I have a huge
migration of an Oracle system from Solaris to "the cloud" as my raisin
d'etre  (!) At the moment.

I suppose I better do a "how to" just on the off chance that anyone is
interested in updating the manual!

And I had noticed your links on QLForum too! I was glad to see good
use being made of my hard work, but obviously huge thanks must be
directed at Rich for the original work. I'm merely taking the glory
for the work of others!

The SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual was of course a huge project - whilst there were originally 3 of us involved in writing it (myself, Franz Hermann and Peter Jaeger), I took on the mantel before its original publication, and it was then published in 2 large A4 ring binders, over 1500 pages in total; but released in that format to make it possible to issue updates.

We released 4 updates to the original over the years, and then it was converted to PDF and sold on CD-ROM, but I ran out of time and resources to do any more updates to the manual, so there are probably a lot of commands and information which could still be added (for example, changes to SMSQ/e since about 2010).

The conversion to HTML format as a community project which could be easily updated by all then made the next sensible step, but with the manual written in Text87 format, this required a lot of re-formatting, which has now been done to a very high standard, thanks to tools originally written by myself and (Geoff Wicks I seem to recall), and then improved on by Norman to whom I am very much grateful.

Now is the time for everyone else to start updating and contributing to the manual to keep it current and ensure that it remains the must have reference to SuperBASIC programming knowledge.

Rich Mellor
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I am not sure whether I was the writer of the tools that Rich refers to, but flattering to know I might have been. Text87 was always the most difficult of the QL word processors as no one has ever been able to unravel the file formatting.

One things that has not had sufficient attention is that the new version of the SuperBasic manual is not only online, but is also downloadable in three different formats. Pdf is a massive 2.16MB,

Best wishes,


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