Hi Davide,

My apologies for not attending via Webex, did you do any video or photographs of the meeting. I would be interested to see them.



On 20/11/16 12:34, d.santachi...@libero.it wrote:
Hi All,

We will restart with the English WebEx session of the 13th Sinclair QL
Italian meeting at 15:00

Meeting number 236 059 509

Kind regards


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Hi everybody,

I take again the chance to inform that if anybody is interested to make even
a very short speech at our Italian meeting on Sunday 20th of November,
subscriptions are open :-)

Subjects for intervention are free (i.e. QPC2, SMSQ/E, software or hardware
etc.), baseline is to manage everything via web-ex sessions.

Instead if there are listeners interested I would need their email address
to send-out the web-ex link (which can be used also on e.g. tablets with the
appropriate app).



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