Hi Rich,

While reading your email I reminded many years ago Romaldo Parodi in Italy
provided me with v2 GALs as replacement for a Qubide to be upgrade from ROM
v1 to ROM v2.

Most likely Romaldo found the files, although he cannot guarantee 100% they
are the correct ones. If still interested I can send them by separate email

Kind regards


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On 2016-11-28 21:12, RWAP Software wrote:
> Does anyone have any contact details for Jurgen Falkenberg, or Jochen 
> Hassler ?
> Tetroid (on SellMyRetro) is working on a new QL interface which merges 
> the Trump Card and QubIDE interfaces and ideally it would be good to 
> include the Level 2 device drivers and ATR device for the Trump Card 
> element.
> Alternatively, is there another way of adding Level 2 device drivers?
> More details of the interface and pictures appear on the QL Forum 
> thread - http://www.qlforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1670

Whilst on this subject - does anyone have any contact details for Phil
Borman - there are a few things it would be nice to include in the QubIDE
driver.  There is also the problem, that whilst the source code for the
QubIDE v2 ROM was released, the v2 GAL code required to use that ROM code
does not appear to be available anywhere!

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