I tried both and give the same date problem.

The file Extensions_cde looks like it is DIY Toolkit extensions, Phil Borman's WIN Tools. Which I doubt have any problems.

In the updates_doc, there was an issue with v5.05 getting the months wrong, maybe the invalid date is connected to this.

But this maybe be a Year2000 issue.

Do you think the source ocde could be released.



On 13/01/17 05:41, Wolf wrote:

there ae 2 versions of DM : DM5_obj and DM5_int_obj , the problem only
seems to arise on the..int version, use the other one instead.


On 12/01/2017 17:47, Martyn Hill wrote:
Hi Bob

Just to confirm that I too have been unable to run DM5 on QPC (v4) and
saw oddities around the date before it would hang QPC.

I didn't investigate to the same depth, but it appears to match your


On 12/01/2017 15:35, Bob Spelten wrote:
Hi All,

I was trying to get DiskMate5 to run in QPC2/QLE but ran into a
serious problem.
It reported a wrong date but while the suggested date was correct my
PC clock had been reset in the background to 18-Jan-2053, causing
problems on the W$7 side.
In my QPC2/QLE this also froze SMSQ/E but not in my normal QPC2.
Also a previous QPC2 (v3.40/3.16) behaved the same.

I have used DM5 for GD2 sporadically before but never seen this bug.
Has something changed in SMSQ/E's date handling that is not working
for DM5 anymore?
Has anyone experienced this before?


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