Hi Jan,

That is great - it is a nice function which can be useful.

Could I ask you to consider moving (or Forking?) the repository to the new SInclair QL Github, as this is intended to keep all of the QL stuff together -



On 2017-02-12 14:24, Jan Bredenbeek wrote:
I've updated the code with various improvements and fixes:

- Listing now adjusts to window size and can be aborted by pressing 'Q' or
ESC, even when recursing directories;
- Redirection by DEV device is now handled correctly (so long as you don't
rename the DEV device itself ;))
- SMSQ is no longer required; it will now also work on native QL with TK2
and Minerva fitted.
- NOTE: On non-V2 drivers which don't support subdirectories, ls will fail
because the FNAME$ function stops with 'bad parameter' on directory
channels. This can be avoided by adjusting line 1710 in the code (as
indicated in the REMarks). I'll probably have to design another machine
code call to find out whether a device is V2 or not :(



On 3 February 2017 at 11:31, Jan Bredenbeek <j...@bredenbeek.net> wrote:

Hi Wolfgang,

On 3 February 2017 at 05:01, Wolf <w...@wlenerz.com> wrote:

Are you aware of the SUB device by Phil Borman? It does the same thing,
and there is no copright problem since it's on Dilwyn's page (

Thanks, I can vaguely remember it (it might as well be in my BBS archive). Pity it has no source code but indeed a nice thing to learn using DISA. As
for the copyright issue, I only do it out of curiosity but it might be
useful inspiration to improve the DEV device ;).


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