On 5-4-2017 14:38, desin wrote:
hi all

i stumbled yesterday on something odd

two programs in development under SMSQE

gave errors under the emulators (q-emulator,uqlx) with Minerva ROMS

under SMSQE it is possible to have on$,on%,to%,to$,for$,for%,end$,end%

as variables. These are rightfully rejected under Minerva

On the other hand, JS/Minerva allows operator names such as MOD to be defined as functions. I have used this to write a floating point version of MOD, but discovered later that SBASIC rejects MOD as a function name (I had to rename it to FMOD).

Another difference which I discovered today is the behaviour of S*Basic vector $138 which is used for LIST or DLINE. You call this using:

MOVE.W #startline,D4
MOVE.W #endline,D6
MOVEQ #function,D7 ; D7=0 for LIST, <>0 for DLINE
MOVE.L #chanid,A0 ; for LIST
MOVE.W $138,A2
JSR $4000(A2)

On JS and Minerva, this works as expected but on SMSQ/E you can't use it to DLINE lines from SBASIC. You can use it to LIST lines if you set BV.PRINT ($AB(A6)) to nonzero though, but the value in D7 is ignored.


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