Same here, IMHO that is a known bug.

(That only occurs in sufficiently large documents you have not saved for a 


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Datum: 2017-04-19T12:27:49+0200
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Not just Xchange Quill, original Quill too. Never seen it documented, but 
has happened to me countless times over the years to the extent I don't 
trust up-scrolling in either and have to use F3-Goto <page> or <top>, or at 
least save BEFORE scrolling up.


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Hi all,

While I was using the Quill part of Xchange recently, it locked up, twice,
when I held down the Up key and my cursor moved past the top line visible
on my screen.
RJOBs were needed.
This Xchange version has been updated for 512x512 pixels, showing 42 lines
of text, running in the most recent QPC2-SMSQ/E.
Is this a known bug and is there a solution other then going slow to give
it time to update the display for each scroll line?
I repeated this in SMSQmulator8 v2.24 on the same PC but there the
scrolling display kept going all the way to the top without locking up.


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