On 24/04/17 23:13, Dilwyn Jones wrote:
I realise that I only have the two-station version. There is a
multi-station version which needs slightly more complex serial cabling
(circular link) but I don't have a copy of this.



I used to use Sernet V2.22, for connection of Q60 to QPC2. I configured 4 version of SERNET for each SERial port, SER1-SER4

I built a custom 4 port cable and connected Q60, QPC2, QXL, QL (with SIMSER for split ports on SER1/2)

SERNET connection is a sort of Null Modem connection, on Q60/QPC2/QXL using standard PC serial ports a standard commercial Null Modem cable can be used.

But the main connections are: TX-RX, RTS-CTS, GND and all the connections interchange with each SERNET stattion.

I did think about a SERNET interface box with all the SERNET connections made inside the box and connection to each SERNET station with straight cables. But alas, I never actually built if.

The problems arise with the QXL and QL whose serial ports are slower than the Q60 & QPC2. But lower the Baud rate to the lowest common speed gave reliable connections.

Note: Superhermes SER3 port is unsupported by Sernet due to the lack of split port speeds. Maybe if the Superhermes SER3 source code was available this could addressed.


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