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> I added that
feature at the request from Jens who paid for the development of the
8-bit driver. It was at a time when the SMSQ/E documentation was pretty
much unmaintained...

 Is there a complete list of system variables in
SMSQ / E 3.xx?

In the list of my own, the variable pt_asprt is not

This is the list I found:

$28000.W SV_IDENT Identification 

$d2450000 QL (QDOS) system variable identifier

 "S2AT" SMS Atari system
variable identifier

Pointers defining QDOS memory map: 

SV_CHEAP Base of common heap area 

$28008.L SV_CHPFR First free space
in common heap area 

$2800C.L SV_FREE Base of free area [+12 ]

$28010.L SV_BASIC Base of BASIC area [+16 ] 

$28014.L SV_TRNSP Base
of transient program area 

$28018.L SV_TRNFR First free space in TPA

$2801C.L SV_RESPR Base of resident procedure area 

$28020.L SV_RAMT
Top of RAM(+1) [+32 ] 

$28024.L SYS_MXFR Maximum return from free
memory call (SMS only)

$28028.L SYS_RTC Real time in seconds (SMS

$2802C.W SYS_RTCF Real time fractional, countdown (SMS

$2802E.W SV_RAND Random number(constantly changing) 

SV_POLLM Count of poll interrupts missed 

$28032.B SV_TVMOD 0 if not TV
display [+50 ] 

$28033.B SV_SCRST Screen status (0=active) 

SV_MCSTA Current value of MC status register 

$28035.B SV_PCINT Current
value of PC interrupt register 

$28036.B SV_USER User number in Toolkit
3 (Note:TK3 only!)

$28037.B SV_NETNR Network station number [+55 ]

Pointers to the list of tasks and drivers: 

$28038.L SV_I2LST Pointer
to list of interrupt 2 drivers 

$2803C.L SV_PLIST Pointer to list of
polled tasks 

$28040.L SV_SHLIST Pointer to list of scheduler tasks

$28044.L SV_DRLST Pointer to list of device drivers 

SV_DDLST Pointer to list of directory device drivers 

$2804C.L SV_KEYQ
Pointer to a keyboard queue 

$28050.L SV_TRAPV Pointer to trap
redirection table 

Pointers to resource management tables: 

SV_BTPNT Pointer to most recent slave block entry. Slave

 tables are of
8-byte entries, others are 4-byte. 

$28058.L SV_BTBAS Pointer to base
of slave block table 

$2805C.L SV_BTTOP Pointer to top of slave block

Jobs table: The jobtable is a sequence of .Ls, each pointing

a job control block. LSW of a JobID is the position of that

.L in the jobtable. 

$28060.W SV_JBTAG Current value of job tag

$28062.W SV_JBMAX Highest current job number 

$28064.L SV_JBPNT
Pointer to current job table entry 

$28068.L SV_JBBAS Pointer to base
of job table 

$2806C.L SV_JBTOP Pointer to top of job table 


$28070.W SV_CHTAG Current value of channel tag 

SV_CHMAX Highest current channel number 

$28074.L SV_CHPNT Pointer to
last channel checked 

$28078.L SV_CHBAS Pointer to base of channel

$2807C.L SV_CHTOP Pointer to top of channel table 


$2807C.L - pointer to new extensions, including default

cursor style, etc: see ASM.15-19 

$28080.L SYS_FRBL Free Block List, to
be returned to common heap

 (SMS only)

Keyboard [poke only those
marked with asterisk] 

$28088.W SV_CAPS *Caps lock: 0=normal,
-256.L=255.B=caps locked


$2808A.W SV_ARBUF Auto repeat buffer

$2808C.W SV_ARDEL *Autorepeat delay: default=30 [+140 ] 

SV_ARFRQ *Autorepeat 1/frequency: default=2 [+142 ] 

$28090.W SV_ARCNT
Autorepeat count 

$28092.W SV_CQCH Keyboard change queue character code
- default

 ctrl-C=$03 [+146 ] 


$28094.W SV_WP Write protect

$28096.W SV_SOUND Sound status (BEEPING)

$28098.L SV_SER1C Receive
channel 1 queue address 

$2809C.L SV_SER2C Receive channel 2 queue

$280A0.B SV_TMODE ZX8032 transmit mode 

$280A1.B SV.PRCS
Processor type, stored in top 4 bits, hex value

 of these 4 digits
denotes 68000 family processor

 type ($0x=68000/8, $1x=68010, $2x=68020

 Bottom 4 bits contains information about any

 Floating Point
Unit (FPU) available. 0=no FPU,

 1=internal MMU, 2=68851 MMU,
4=internal FPU,

 8=68881 or 68882 FPU.

 Note: not implemented on

original QLs, Gold Card onward only. Note: QPC

 emulates a 68000 but
identifies itself as a

 68010 processor

$280A2.L SV_CSUB *If non-zero,
is address of subroutine to jump

 to when CAPSLOCK is pressed: the

 should spoil nothing. 

$280A6.W SV_TIMO Timeout for
switching transmit mode (QL)

$280A6.B DMA in use (SMS, ST)

SV_MTYP Machine type value.

 bit 0=1 Hermes (QL) or blitter (Atari)


 bits 1 to 4 = machine type (0=ST, 2=Mega ST or

with RTC, 4=Stacy, 6=STE, 8=Mega STE, 10=Gold

 Card, 12=Super Gold
Card, 16=Falcon, 17=Q40/Q60,

 24=TT030, 28=QXL, 30=QPC, 31=QLay

 bit 5 to 7 = display type. 0=QL/Futura,

monitor, 64=Atari Ext.4, 128=Atari

 QVME, 192=QL mode LCD or VGA,

$280A8.W SV_TIMOV Value of switching timeout (2 chars.)

$280AA.W SV_FSTAT Flashing cursor status 

$280AC.L SV_PROGD$ Pointer
to PROG_USE name (Toolkit 2 systems)

$280B0.L SV_DATAD$ Pointer to
DATA_USE name (Toolkit 2 systems)

$280B4.L SV_DEST$ Pointer to DEST_USE
name (Toolkit 2 systems)

 PROGD$, DATAD$ and DESTD$ pointed to as word

 length followed by characters of string.

$280B8.L SV_THGL Pointer
to Thing list (systems with Thing list


$280E0.L - Used by QATS
software (QL Applications Traffic


$280E4.L - Used by QATS

$280E8.L - Used by QATS software

$280EE.B SV_MDRUN which
drive is running 

$280EF.B SV_MDCNT Microdrive run-up run-down

$280F0.B*8 SV_MDDID Drive ID * 4 of each microdrive (8

$280F8.B*8 SV_MDSTA status 0=no pending ops (8

$28100.L*16 SV_FSDEF Pointers to file system physical

$28140.L SV_FSLST Pointer to list of file channels

$28144.B SV_XACT Translate is active flag

$28145.B -

$28146.L SV_XTAB Pointer to TRA table

$2814A.L SV_ERMS
Pointer to message table

$28180 SYS_TOP Top of system variables, bottom
of Supervisor


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